Digg FTW

So the other day I was thinking of designing a magazine for a portfolio concentration for my AP class, and because of this emailed Digg for reasons stated below. Turns out I changed my concentration to cd cases and designing every aspect of those, but what caught me by surprise was Digg’s reply to said email. Read on for full email text…

February 15th

Hi, I am doing a 2-D design concentration for credit for the AP Studio Art class I’m taking and would like to know if you have any high-res photos of your past sites. I’m creating a magazine based on the internet and graphic design articles. I use your site, though I don’t contribute as most stories are already submitted by the time I find new ones, but I found an article about digg and thought it interesting. I used the article in my magazine, but I’m designing everything about it. I wanted to do a full page spread about the different versions you guys have put out over the years, but all the images I could find were very low-res. If you could provide a few images or point me in the right direction to some, that would help me out so much. Thank you for everything!

February 17th

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the interest, but we don’t have anything we can provide that fits the bill. We’re flattered to be part of the project, though. If you’d like some free Digg swag and you have a U.S. shipping address, let us know and we’ll hook you up. Also let us know what your T-shirt size is.


– Digg Support Team

Yeah, that’s right. For just merely designing a magazine article about them, not even writing the said article, just putting it onto print media, gives them enough reason to appreciate me and send me gifts! I love them! And if the Digg team ever reads this post, I just want to say I’m sorry for not following through on my word about designing an article about you!


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