Why I <3 Halo

We all know by now that the new Halo Reach beta is out to all those who purchased ODST last year. Let it be known that Halo was the game that I envied every Xbox 360 owner for when I sat with my dreadful Wii. I used to go over to my friend Drew’s house to play Halo 2 and 3 as much as I could. I now can’t wait to play Reach as soon as it comes out because unlike 4598416159 other people, I never bought ODST.
I love to bask in screen shots though, because they always seem more glorious than the actual game.



Bad Ass Mo Fo


But on to the real topic of this post:

Why I love the Halo franchise:

1. You Don’t Die After 3 Quick Shots Anywhere On Your BodyHalo Head Shot

Calling out Call of Duty on this one here, I hate how in that game you die almost instantly when being shot at. I know that it just helps the game be more realistic, but I like my games to give me some forgiveness and some reward for trying to get a headshot. +50 points is not enough to get me to aim exclusively on the head of my enemies.

Halo also gives you that chance to try and gain your surroundings while being shot at to escape and retaliate, rewarding the players the go for head shots and punishing random fire.

Halo Jumps

One of my all time favorite maps

2. High Jumps

I love games that let you jump unrealistically high. Like Super Smash Bros. Brawl for example. Having the feeling of low gravity is exciting and fun. Call me weird, but I love jumping in games. And having time to shoot at enemies while in the air after jumping is like shooting a basketball….

3. Custom Games

Grenading Map

Our map of choice for our grenading adventures

I won’t ever forget going to Drew’s house and making a game type called grenades: grenades only; no guns or swords.
We had the most fun playing that game than I think we’ve ever had since. The amount of carnage, random throws, and surprises made it a blast (get it??).

Custom games let players create whatever they want, and its beautiful.

4.  Vehicles

While these were never that good in deathmatches online, I loved speeding through maps on these things. They never got old, and it especially never got old to jump out of a Banshee midflight, or ramp off a slope and jump out of the Warthog.Wart Hog

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