Vegas as seen by Trey Ratcliff

Vegas is arguably the most interesting place in the US if not the world. The nightlife is legendary to say the least. As I was browsing around my favorite photographers flickr page, I came upon pictures taken in Vegas by him and it showed me parts of the city that I’d never seen before.
For those of you who don’t know, Trey Ratcliff is a professional photographer who travels the world taking High Dynamic Range photos of the world. He takes a series of images of the same thing at different shutter speeds, exposures, and the likes (I really have no idea how to work high end cameras) and combines them in Photoshop to create a unique one of a kind picture. He was the first person to have an hdr photo hung in the Smithsonian and is sponsored by Getty.


Name: Trey Ratcliff
Gender: Dude
Primary Language: English
Place of Residence: Austin, Texas
Sign, although I’m not into this form of mysticism: Cancer
High School: Jesuit College Prep Dallas
University: Southern Methodist University (Computer Science and Math)


The Secret Underwater Passage

A Bit of Hibachi

Strange Things Grow in Vegas

“How about this place?

This was shot at a really slick bar called Club Mix at the top of THE Hotel in Las Vegas. A lot of people ask how I end up getting shots when no one is around… Sometimes it is a camera trick, and sometimes I am lucky enough to get into places when no one is around. In this case, the people from MGM/Mirage, who own many of the most beautiful hotels-casinos in Vegas knew I was coming to Vegas and they gave me carte blanche to move around freely. I wore those poor people out because I didn’t get tired… I was like Homer in that episode where he went to hell and was forced to eat donuts nonstop. He kept saying “more” until the devil got frustrated.

Anyway, a big thanks to David and his crew there at MGM/Mirage. I have a ton more shots coming in the future… so, as with other threads, stay tuned!

Last, I have updated my “Things That I have Found That Inspire Me” page. That page may take a while to load… my apologies… but once it is done, I hope you see a few cool things as well.”


New York, New York

Grabbing Some Sushi in Vegas

Entering the Pyramid

Le Fleur de Lys, Where I Really Should Have Dined

Do you see that gentle shape there in the room with me? It’s made up of hundreds of other tiny little things that are perfect and delicate. Each is alive and real. I’ll let you zoom into the full-sized version and see if you can deduce their Linnaean taxonomy. (you can zoom in by clicking on the image to go to the Flickr page, then click on All Sizes, then Original — it works like this for all my shots…. I always put the highest rez version online for you, should you decide it is time to dive in for the full experience)

The restaurant is called the Fleur de Lys, and it’s in THE Hotel, attached to the Mandalay Bay. You will probably also see that wine cellar on top with a nice little table for two. I think I need to get back to that place one day… I do love French food.


Entering Another World

Sometimes don’t you just want to leave this world behind and go some place else for a bit (or forever)?


Where to Party in Vegas

I just recently got back from Las Vegas and betwixt a panoply of activities that kept my mental faculties on edge, I did manage to go out and get some photos, of course. At least I am assured that these always turn out winners!

I stayed in THE Hotel (perhaps it’s called THEhotel). I think you are supposed to capitalize that THE. Before going, I thought it was just “the” hotel at Mandalay but now I know it’s much different…. It was a great place and probably the best of 7 or 8 hotels I have stayed there. Although 2 or 3 of those should barely be on the list…

This is a shot of the restaurant area of Club Mix, which sits on the top floor of THE Hotel. I was able to see so many cool places there — I hardly knew which to process first! …more coming in the next weeks and months!


The Inflammable Flammable Restaurant

The Hallway to the Bar After a Bad Night in Vegas

Arriving Home in Vegas

The Consumer Tube

The Royal Entrance

It took me a long time to get this shot right. In fact, in the upcoming HDR DVD, I try to work on another version of this — a vertical one. No matter what I did, I could not get it quite sharp enough because of some camera shake. This one turned out okay.

This is one of the entry hallways into the amazing Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Feel free, as with all the photos, to zoom into the maximum resolution version on SmugMug. And yes, I still think SmugMug is very cool and am still using it after three months. For more info, see my SmugMug Review.


So there you have it, a view of Vegas from my favorite photographer, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out his book at . I have it and it gives amazing insight into hdr and if you were dedicated enough, it teaches you all you would ever need to know. Me? I just like looking at the pictures and trying to figure out all the technical camera jargon he uses to help coach you on how he took photographs.


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