Return of the Twisted Metal

So by far, one of my favorite video games as a kid growing up with a PlayStation One was Twisted Metal. I used to go to my cousins house and play this game and we’d spend hours blowing each other up with rockets, bombs, and crazy ass specials. Then as I grew up this game faded from my memory, until this last E3. Twisted Metal debuted on the PS3 with a kick-ass live action trailer that has me wetting my pants with anticipation… Maybe not that extreme but I can’t really explain how excited for this game I am. Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

And while the graphics may not look up to par as other PS3 games, when has total destruction been about graphics? The TM franchise has always been about chaos,  fun, and blowing the shit outa your buddies. Check out these fan art pieces while you wait for this game to come out.

Twisted Metal Teaser

Twisted Metal Signature

by Canz

Twisted Metal 5 Concept

by Elementseven7

Twisted Metal

by Abraaolucas

Sweet Tooth Crazy

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