My Life, Ten Years From Now

I want to have these 4 things in my life in ten years, if not, I’ll feel drab and conformed. I want to be an exciting person, the type that friends and colleagues tell stories about. In no certain order, without further ado:

1. I’d like to have:




traveled to a different country

Futuristic Car

What I want to drive

These things are what I want to have accomplished by the time I’m 28. I feel like doing these things will keep me on my feet, and remember what excitement was like when I was younger.

2. Tried to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve always had some great business ideas, and I want to have pursued either one of these ideas, or some new idea unthought of yet. Knowing that I can run a business by myself or at least with a partner will be fulfilling. I’m a risk taker, and I want to stay like this for my life. Stepping into the river of competition with my own company will be the most do or die financial situation I could ever hope for.

Growing Seedling

A visual representation of my new business.

3. Never stopped learning.

I love learning. I can’t stop. I’m addicted. I hope that in ten years, I’ll be learning new things everyday. And I don’t mean petty little things, but new languages, art styles, design tricks, and other more physical activities. Once someone stops learning and starts closing their mind, they are forever set in stone as a biased, stubborn person who cannot be reasoned with. I never want to become this person.

school girl

Maybe she can teach me British.

4, Keep in touch with my childhood friends.

I never want to forget about my high school friends. They’ve made such an impact on me that I could never begin to fathom not having them in my life, yet in a mere 2 months, I’ll rarely see them. I’ve met some pretty great people in my years, and I’ve surrounded myself with even greater people. I’ll never forget them, that I’m sure of. But I’m unsure if I’ll ever get the chance to meet up with them and catch up with them again..

grown ups

This should be me... at age 28.

These four things are what I need to accomplish when I’m 28.

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