Gelaskins: 30 Stylish Skins

Protecting your gear can be cumbersome. And ugly, adding weight, thickness, and dirt marks inside the case. It’s a tough sacrifice to protect your tech. Thankfully, that’s all changed. Gelaskins has provided a solution.
They make gadget covers, ranging for gaming systems, phones, iPod’s, laptops, and e-readers. They are self-proclaimed the best skins on the planet, though must buyers agree with that statement after buying their product. 3 key things happen with a Gelaskin:

  1. Looks Good: there are hundreds of different art pieces that can be used on every device. Your toughest decision will just be to buy them all… no seriously, it’s gonna be hard not to.
  2. Simple as Pie: Patented 3M materials make applying and removing easy, leaving no residue behind, and even sticking again and again if you decide you didn’t position it straight on.
  3. Protection: Protects your gadgets from scratches and UV rays.

Here are 30 skins that I picked that I thought really stood out to me.

Neo New York - Camilla d'Errico

Gaia - Aya Kato

Lady Lion - DAIM

Red Metal - DAIM

Bird Brother - Damon Soule

Graffiti Skyline - Derek Prospero

Baltimore Docks - eBoy

I Stayed Up All Night Making It - Exploding Dog

Moon - Frank Miller

Birth Machine - H. R. Giger

Gummi Anatomie - Jason Freeny

Reunion - Kathie Olivas Brandt Peters

Scorpio - Kofie One

War of the Monsters - Kozyndan

Boom Box II - Lyle Owerko

Overkill - Marc Gabbana

Homemade Universe - Mars 1

Psychic Wars - Mars 1

Cable Cranes - Nanami Cowdroy

Ink Pond - Nanami Cowdroy

Judgement - Nathan Ota

Robo - Nathan Ota

Cohabitations - Philip Straub

Infinite Oz - Philip Straub

Pulling The Pin - Ric Stultz

Swan - Si Scott

Spirit Of Medicine Lake - Sorsdahl

Summer Oasis - Sorsdahl

Never Mind - Stellaim Hultberg

And there you have it, 30 out of 100s of skins. I recently bought one, and love it. Share you’re favorites and don’t forget to add one that I might have forgotten.

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