Election Day 2010

As Election Day 2010 starts to close we can continue living our lives as we’ve always done. The general public will start work tomorrow with no major change, but a political shift has happened, one that will have consequences. Whether these consequences turn out to be good or bad only time can tell.

As predicted, Sam Brownback won the governor’s race by a wide margin, which meant democrat Tom Holland lost. Holland was hopeful throughout his campaign, and this defeat will surely hit hard. But although Holland lost by a wider margin that he had expected, Libertarian candidate Andrew Gray had a celebratory night. While not gaining the 5% of the total votes in Kansas to achieve a major party status, he did garner 3%. Gray had more votes for his party than there are registered libertarian voters, and grabbed more votes per dollars spent than any other candidate in the governor’s race. While some in Kansas had been hoping for a paradigm shift, 2010 proves to be yet another year that the republicans widely defeated all opposition.

The year 2010 will also be remembered as the year the Tea Party almost won in New Hampshire with Christine O’Donnell. After snatching the primary from more traditional republicans, she was defeated on November 2nd. She was highly criticized throughout her campaign as being a criminal, a fake, and a slanderer, she was also revered and respected by her fellow tea partiers. The Tea Party was seen by many as a grass roots movement against the current state of politics, but was highly known as a party-splitter for the republicans, as it was a subgroup for the party.

On a national level, republicans saw a resurgence in their power. After much dissatisfaction with the democrat party, the GOP gained 6 senate seats giving them 47 seats to the democrat’s 51. While democrat’s still held onto the majority in the Senate, in the House of Representatives, they did not. With a majority of 256 to 179 for the Dems before the election, after Election Day 2010 the GOP now controls the House with an estimated majority of 243 to 184.

This nation saw personally how short sighted we as a people are. After eight years of Bush and the rise of the democrat party in 2008 with Obama and sweeping democrat victories in both the house and the senate, Republicans have now gained their seats back in Congress. Obama has not been faring well in the polls recently, and much of the public has expressed deep dissatisfaction at his job in the White House. Most cite his unkept promises as the root of the promise, which despite at what the media wants you to believe are relatively few. I encourage you to check out the transparency site www.politifact.com to see tallies on all the promises Obama has made and his progress on all promises and which ones he has made no progress on.

And to the dismay of liberals, democrats, and especially stoners, Proposition 19 in California was narrowly defeated by four percent.

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