What Makes You Read a Newspaper?

The pictorial header stand out and the use of negative space in the article really catches the eye and draws the reader in.

So.. I’ve been thinking these past couple days about what really makes a good newspaper. We all know news is important, because that’s what newspapers are for. But as traditional media is outdated, how do you make newspapers stay relevant? And besides from this, since I’m currently attending college I want to appeal to college kids. Any ideas out there? What I have so far is:

  1. A new design. Information has to be eye pleasing to get the student to pick up the paper and read it. Designs are nice to have. Here are some examples i’d like to go off of.

    The pictures at the top really catch the eye and get the reader involved with the paper without too much work.The solid header is great at making the name of the paper stand out without being too distracting.

  2. A greater focus on student wants rather than a focusing more on a general population. City/town news already does this, give the college kids something different.

    Cater to this audience. Not old farts.

  3. Focus more on student groups. Let the campus know what is going on and how interesting it is. But do not do reviews on these events, as that does not increase student body involvement. Rather focus more on previewing these things to get people excited to see them.
  4. Also, interview more students. Get students wanting to be in the paper, as an honor or privilege.

    Student groups need lovin' too.

    So what else? What else can you do to get people excited to read their student newspaper? I want to know, so leave any comments to bring new ideas to the table.

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2 thoughts on “What Makes You Read a Newspaper?

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