8 Apps You Need to Have

1. Lookout

Ever lose your phone? Ever get a virus on your phone from malware? Put that behind you with Lookout – Mobile Security. Lookout auto scans every app you download on your mobile device to check for malware or software that steals private information. Besides this though Lookout provides a free back up service. Back up your contacts, pictures, calls, and texts; and manage all this online at your computer. This app also lets you locate a lost phone by gps, it “screams” if you can’t find it, and also wipes your phone clean if you’re phone gets in the wrong hands and you don’t want your personal information on it. Lookout is the number one app to keep your phone, and your information safe, and is available on all operating systems.

2. Pandora

The internet radio is also on your phone. Available on all operating systems, Pandora caters to your needs. Just like in your browser, Pandora takes one of your favorite songs or artists and uses it’s algorithm to introduce your to new music with the same qualities as the artist or song you gave it. Pandora also syncs your phone with your browser account to ease the transition from home to school, work, or the gym. Great, unknown music is at your fingertips ready for you to enjoy anywhere with Pandora Mobile.

3. Evernote

Evernote’s phone app is available on most phones and lets you create, edit, view, and delete notes on your phone. This app also automatically syncs to your account in your browser. Evernote is an easy way to jot down ideas, lyrics, and notes in class that is easily accessible to you at all times. This simple app goes a long way to help organize your life.

4. iMusic

Like Pandora, iMusic is a music service for your phone. Unlike Pandora, it does not find music based on your likes and dislikes. What iMusic does is let you download songs, any song out of millions, onto your phone and play them from your phone at any time. Sound illegal? It’s not, because the Terms of Service agreement you accept after downloading the app informs you that you must delete all songs after listening to them once, but you don’t have to follow these guidelines. This ends up giving the user access to millions of songs to download, and even stream to make sure you know what you are getting before you download.

5. Poynt

Available on Blackberries, iPhones, and Android devices, Poynt is your go-to app for local searches. It does everything. Search for local restaraunts, find the nearest movie theaters, find directions to wherever you need to go, search for people, look up the weather, find local businesses, and get gas prices on the fly with Poynt. If that sounds like a lot, it is; but Poynt integrates all this easily into it’s interface for a flowing user experience. It’s so immersible, you will wonder how you got around without it.


6. “Over 8,500 Drink & Cocktail recipes at the tap of your fingertips.”

This would not be a list for essential apps in a college newspaper if I didn’t include an app for all the drinks you could ever mix. With thousands of drinks at your disposal, you’ll never be stuck with a bad tasting drink again. Although not an innovating app, having this many recipes in one place is truly a great thing for college kids. The only thing that would make this app better would be to put in the ingredients you have, and the app tell you what you can make.

I know that last tweet has nothing to do with this app, but this app can cause things like this to happen.. Helllll yeah!

7. Barcode Reader

This app does exactly what you expect: scans barcodes. Whip your phone out, open this app, and scan a barcode at your local Wal-mart with your phone’s camera to compare prices to other retail stores. Although there are many different versions of this app that function the same way, Barcode Reader returns results the fastest and has a higher success rate at finding the product. This is a must have app for any frugal shopper.

8. ChompSMS

This app replaces the standard Android messaging app. Much faster, more customizable, and more aesthetic than the preloaded messaging app, ChompSMS puts power in the user’s hands. With widgets for ease of use, contact pictures for making contacts easy to distinguish, and quick composing, this app is sure to make you wish it came standard with the phone.

So there you have it, the 8 apps you need to have on your phone. They’re free too!

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