Christmas List

So in the spirit of the newly falling snow on WordPress, I’d like to let you in on my wishlist this year. The family has told me I have to choose something less than $100 dollars, and it can’t be cash (which i desperately need). I have come to two objects, each really unnecessary. But here they are:
Item # 1. Sony Ericsson LiveView phone remote.

Essentially a remote to your phone, which is in your pocket. Extremely lazy, I know. But who won’t ask questions about this thing. I can read texts, RSS feeds, accept or ignore calls, take control of your music, read twitter and facebook updates, and more with the power in the Android Market. What more could you want to do with your watch? It’s perfect. Especially when paired with my next item.

Item #2. Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset.

It’s a beautiful looking bluetooth headset for my phone, that will pair nicely with the LiveView remote. I choose this headset purely on the looks, and I really hope the sound quality is great. Reviews rave about it but I’ve found you can’t always trust them.

There you have it. With the headset being $57 dollars without shipping and the watch being 60 euros, it’s within my limits. So mom. Dad. No pressure.

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One thought on “Christmas List

  1. Slamdunk says:

    I think you’d be a winner if you got either of those.

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