Beauty vs. Repulsion

For our first Drawing II assignment, we were assigned the study of beauty and repulsion and their relationship. Here is my beginning to this project.

BEAUTY: Something that causes awe, wonder, or pleasure in the viewer.


Beautiful Sunset

Colorado Mountains

NYC Times Square



REPULSION: the feeling of intense aversion to something; uncontrollable repugnance.



Gas Prices and Our Dependence on Oil

Trash and Human Apathy



Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, is an amazing artist who specializes in portraits. He goes outside of the normal medium of canvas or paper though, and uses walls; or in the case of his Expectation Project, land. He captures the beauty of people, and even sees beauty in walls that are falling apart that most would deem unattractive, or even repulsive. His portraits capture emotions of people in the city and are washed away after each storm.


Urban analogy 2

Urban Analogy 3




My idea for the diptych project is to use only colors that are beautiful and repulsive. And for the subject or focal point of each piece, I will use non-objective marks.


Beauty vs. Repulsion





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