Let Me Share With You Something

Spring break is here and unlike most college students loaded with lust, cash, and drugs; I am stuck working my ass off in my hometown. Although I tell myself this is for the better in the long run, I’m starting to realize that college is the only time I will get to be self indulgent. After that I’ll (hopefully) have a carrer and I won’t be able to afford taking a week long trip to a tropical resort. I’ve realized that life is supposed to be fun and interesting, and that I haven’t done anything really for my own selfish benefit for awhile. It’s like a midlife crisis during my freshman year.

As I was driving around running errands and what not I came upon this nothing that I need a good sound system in my new car. I thought about it and realized that I neither had the money or the knowledge of installing such a system. I told myself that the money used to buy a stereo system could be better put towards college. But then I realized that I would never want a loud, bone-rattling sub in my car after college. I know I am going to miss these college years, and maybe I’ll never leave them, just for the sake of learning and of having no worries that accompany adulthood. College students have it made whether we realize it or not. We are in between two phases of our lives. The first one being our childhood, when we are told what to do and how to do it constantly by “adults.” And our adult lives where we work a 9 – 5 job, have bills piling up, children, and stress. Ryan O’Connell from the Thought Catalog expresses this best in his essay “Things You’ll Miss About College.” I am going to miss my life that I have now, and I wish I could never grow up and live in these years for the rest of my life.

Right now, I would easily say that if I could choose what ages I would like to live over and over again, I would choose from the time I was born until my college graduation. Maybe as I get older I’ll just keep moving the latter date back more and more, and I truly hope so, but I don’t think that I will. Never again in my lifetime will life be this carefree and fun.

But I’ll try to make it that way.

And here is a video to get you thinking about life. By Luke Redowski and titled “Just Keep Going, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose” it’s a beautiful video interviewing people on New York City’s metro. Enjoy. 

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