What is Fear?

My worst fear in life is failure. Fear is more abstract to me and it’s more internal than external. I think anything can be overcome, especially fear, and that I, and everybody else, can always attain the impossible. I think my fear is more abstract because of the lives we live, but also how my philosophy of life is. First, our culture is so fast-paced and complex that most things people feel are abstract. If all everybody felt was simple and single-sided then life would be simple and boring, abstract feeling outside of our survival instincts are necessary for a thriving community and culture.

My fear drawn in aliens.

Here are my ideas for drawings for this project. I really like all three of them though and might do them all.

Spiders crawling toward a bed from all directions. Millions of them.

This is my fear of being abducted my aliens. It's not that I'm scared of what would happen or what I would see, it's much more childish than that. From watching sci fi movies with my dad.

My drawings of a small man surrounded by rubbish and barren land. His shadow is extremely exaggeratedly long.

An artist on Drawing Center’s Viewing Program who’s work relates to me is Sarah Hardesty. Her installation art reminds me of falling, and how anything at anytime can collapse on you. Your dreams could fall away at any moment and that thought scares me.


The Negation of Fear Wood, gesso, string 2010 Dimensions variable

"If All Else Fails" Wood (from original Maxon Mills building construction), string 2009 Dimensions variable

"In What Direction Wood" acrylic, thread 2009 Dimensions variable

Artist Statement
I am interested in pulling things together amongst some kind of aftermath, with a subtle sense of urgency and responding to the environment with optimism amidst potentially destructive circumstances. Or creating a situation that anticipates but alleviates the potential for damage. Using raw materials that are often site specific (wood, glass), found objects that convey playfulness, and the immediacy of wall drawing, I hope to initiate a response to feelings of destruction, fear, and anxiety within a framework of self-protection, control, and certainty.

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