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Showcase of Beautiful QR Codes

Recently I read an interesting article on Mashable on how to create beautiful qr codes and so I thought that I would compile a gallery of the most creative, best looking qr codes I could find. Here are those codes. (All codes can be scanned and will take you to their respective sites.

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THE ZIMBABWEAN Trillion Dollar Campaign


Learn more about THE ZIMBABWEAN Trillion Dollar projeqt. Powered by

A newspaper that Zimbabwe’s ruler Mugabe has tried to shut down has been resurrected by it’s campaign. To raise awareness and raise sales in bordering countries. This newspaper lives on by printing on something cheaper to them than paper: money.

Click the link below to see the whole slideshow, which is very informative and designed excellently.

via THE ZIMBABWEAN Trillion Dollar.

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Dear ….

Saul posted this essay on his facebook account under notes. And I would just like to share in account under recent events. It is also worth noting that not only have Amazon stopped hosting Wikileaks, but PayPal has banned their account to stop donations to them. All due to pressure from the US government. What has the world come to? Thank God for the Swedish company that is hosting Wikileaks now, and is refusing to budge to any request/bullying/threats by the US or any other government. Cheers to the guy that is hunted by Interpol, on the US’s most wanted, and banned from ever going back to his home country of Australia; when all he wanted was for citizens to know what is going on in their government, good and bad, and is being labeled a terrorist.


By Saul Williams.

As the media sways between reporting on the huge disservice Julian Assange has done to government secrecy and posting the secrets, as Interpol tries it’s hardest to track him, as the American government places him on the top of their most wanted list, and as the barefoot bandit sits alone in a cell awaiting trial- I would like to take a moment to admit that these guys are pretty much heroes in my book… and I don’t think I’m alone. The hacker is the digital dignitary of the i-generation. These are the same guys I seek out to help me burn hard to find dvds onto my hardrive, the same guys who help me get music off of my ipod and into my itunes. They save me from waiting lists and long lines at the genius bar and overpriced software, they help me replace lost and mistakenly deleted files, and if I had the savvy they did, if I could prove that the government was lying about the number of civilian casualties during a seven year war that I thought was wrong from the start, if I could help make this “Age of Transparency” a bit more transparent, I would gladly play my part. I’m not an anarchist. I shy away from most labels, yet register as a democrat when it means I can vote for someone I believe in. I’ve got my own set of contradictions. I’m also a musician and know damn well that I wouldn’t like someone breaking into my computer and leaking my music before I decided it was time. But I have also celebrated the fact that I could now give away music for free by doing just that. And that freedom is the result of the hard work of people I do not know: programmers, engineers, fellow makers and creators, artists of the wire who dabble between worlds and understand codes where I see chaos. I respect them. Those that can capitalize on it and use it to their advantage are the pioneers of our time and those that would use it for the greater benefit of humanity, are the heroes.

Most of my heroes have been arrested. Many have stood on the wrong side of the law. And the law has not always stood for truth. The law has stood for control, dominance, and sometimes even manipulation. Law, at it’s best, has served to protect. Yet it has also served as a means of restricting growth and has not always seemed to change at the rate of human consciousness. Some laws have some catching up to do. So do some governments. So do some people. And I’m sure that in some regards I am also one of those people. If I was in the military and believed I was protecting and serving my country by fighting in a war and some hacker gave away the correspondents to our barracks or fire-power, I imagine, I’d be pretty upset. Yet, I find it hard to be upset when I think the best support for our troops would be sending them home and enlisting them in college. If you want to help rebuild the infrastructure of a country send engineers, send teachers, build hospital (no preachers).

But I digress. And who says I understand how to fight disingenuous governance, poverty or hate? I’m just saying I understand the importance of counterculture, of those who prefer boom over pop. Hardcore. Underground. The ones who dare to question and expose, who put their lives at risk, like soldiers fastened to their beliefs, but who fight alone or in small packs of the daring and courageous, Those who stand up and speak out even when the masses seem apathetically addicted to the status quo, which is probably good for business. And I’m not anti-good business. I’m just for new business models. And new fashion models, while you’re at it. They don’t have to be so skinny!

But the reason that I’m writing you Santa is because Kanye already rocked a red suit, I wanted to suggest a yellow cape, something with fringes, maybe a few feathers or ornaments. It’s not like you have any connection to Jesus so you might as well change your shit up and get on some newness. The way I see it, you’re another one of them do-gooders. You give kids something fun to dream about while we adults scramble the meaning of things. Things like the meaning of power, or the role of responsibility within it. Things like the power of the imagination and the beauty that can come about when you engage it. Anyway, it’s nice to have someone to write to sometimes and I thought you might like a letter that wasn’t asking you for anything. Do your thing, big guy, my son is counting on you.

My love to the Mrs.


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What Makes You Read a Newspaper?

The pictorial header stand out and the use of negative space in the article really catches the eye and draws the reader in.

So.. I’ve been thinking these past couple days about what really makes a good newspaper. We all know news is important, because that’s what newspapers are for. But as traditional media is outdated, how do you make newspapers stay relevant? And besides from this, since I’m currently attending college I want to appeal to college kids. Any ideas out there? What I have so far is:

  1. A new design. Information has to be eye pleasing to get the student to pick up the paper and read it. Designs are nice to have. Here are some examples i’d like to go off of.

    The pictures at the top really catch the eye and get the reader involved with the paper without too much work.The solid header is great at making the name of the paper stand out without being too distracting.

  2. A greater focus on student wants rather than a focusing more on a general population. City/town news already does this, give the college kids something different.

    Cater to this audience. Not old farts.

  3. Focus more on student groups. Let the campus know what is going on and how interesting it is. But do not do reviews on these events, as that does not increase student body involvement. Rather focus more on previewing these things to get people excited to see them.
  4. Also, interview more students. Get students wanting to be in the paper, as an honor or privilege.

    Student groups need lovin' too.

    So what else? What else can you do to get people excited to read their student newspaper? I want to know, so leave any comments to bring new ideas to the table.

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TEDx: Amsterdam Trailer

TEDx events are those that are independently organized and are not associated with the orignal TED events. They are made by people who want to spread ideas, and are organized and orchestrated by those same people in cities all around the world. Here is a trailer for the TEDx: Amsterdam event that plays with the use of light and it’s associated in the western world with “an idea.”

Earlier this year, we asked Amsterdam-based creative production studio +1 to help us create the trailer for this year’s TEDxAmsterdam event.

We wanted to play with the notion of light as the western symbol ‘an idea’, and together we created a story which is about building, refining and unleashing your ideas. It is all set, of course, against the beautiful backdrop of the city of Amsterdam.

The climax takes place at this year’s venue, the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg.

Amsterdam and The Netherlands are synonymous with light; many of the famous 17th century Dutch painters (Rembrandt for instance, and later Vermeer in the 19th century) remarked on the ethereal quality of light in the Netherlands, and indeed it was this fact that brought many other painters to the country throughout the period.

Ideas are, of course, a central part of TEDxAmsterdam, as is the city itself, and Amsterdam has many ‘light-related’ destinations – including on the bikes for which the city is also known, and which play a central role in our story.

This year’s TEDxAmsterdam will be held in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. On the 30th November 2010, this grand city theater will provide a stage for the new ideas of bold thinkers and innovators in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, art, science and business. The common theme of the presentations will be “Science and Fiction”.


Agency: +1 (
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Assistant director: Cas Prins
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk, Cas Prins, Geert Jansen
D.O.P.: Ype Poortinga, Cas Prins
Cast: Cas, Geert, Marcel, Marjolein, Ype, Senayt, Sara
3D: Tim van der Wiel
Sound design: Kloaq
Special thanks: Schram Studios & Cam-Unit

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What Drives You?



I LOVE this video.

And I really do think that this guy knows what he’s talking about. People should listen to this guy.

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