I am passionate about making an impact and affecting others’ lives. I want to be remembered by people, as long as it’s a just reason and not a terrible legacy such as Hitler and other’s like him. I want to be fondly remembered.

I want to be an artist because it’s a way to express my feelings and opinions. I can use my artwork to initiate a reaction from the viewer and create a response that can cause a chain reaction.

My first art experience that I can remember is when I was a little kid and I was at my mom’s work. She used to take me there while she worked and I would draw and just mess around the office. There was an old man who was about to retire and I remember I was drawing a rainbow, a pot of gold, and my family when he pointed out to me that my drawing was good, and that when I concentrate hard I bite my tongue. It’s not really a significant experience, but it means a lot to me for some reason.

I picked my major of Graphic Design because I want to continue to inspire people around me and around the world.

In 5 years I see myself loving my life, hopefully either working in my desired field, or living life out in the world without a steady income, just enjoying the life around me. In 10 years, I hope for the same thing.

A BFA in Graphic Design won’t help me achieve my goals. It’s just a slip of paper. The experience gained from my professors, my peers, and my family is what will help me the most.


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