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Showcase of Beautiful QR Codes

Recently I read an interesting article on Mashable on how to create beautiful qr codes and so I thought that I would compile a gallery of the most creative, best looking qr codes I could find. Here are those codes. (All codes can be scanned and will take you to their respective sites.

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People Towels Design Contest – Deadline March 11th

The designers over at Inhabitat have decided to extend the deadline for their contest for PeopleTowels. The contest is called Stop the Paper Towels! and here is their press release:

Use your design skills to save trees and slash waste!

Every day, the United States generates over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste – and to produce every one of those tons, 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are consumed, contributing to deforestation, water pollution and global warming. It’s an ugly situation, but if you want to do something about it, now is your chance. Inhabitat is teaming up with PeopleTowels to challenge eco-minded
designers everywhere to enter our Stop the Paper Towels! Design Contest. We’re looking for clever, compelling green-themed graphic designs that can be printed onto a reusable cloth PeopleTowel to open people’s eyes to the situation and encourage the world to cut paper towel waste. The grand prize winner of this competition will receive $500 and 10% of royalties on every towel sold and the winning design will be published on Inhabitat.com and our future Inhabitat t-shirts! So what are you waiting for? Hit the big blue button below and get your design in it to win it!

I encourage all to enter this contest, especially since they extended the deadline to this Friday March 11th. I am actually currently working on a design myself, and although it’s not finished here’s a preview of the final version. Keep coming back for the final version, as I’ll edit this post and insert it once it’s done.

My Contest Entry

This is not a web-optimized version and the color is off but here is the design. Let me know what I could do to change it to make it better!


EDIT: I fixed the colors, had to switch the file to a rgb instead of the preset cymk. Also this is the final version that I sent in today, and just a reminder, the contest ends tomorrow! Best of luck!

Final Version

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Smashing Magazine Book 2 is Out in the Wild!

I heard Smashing Magazine published their second book this week and decided to make a presentation to advertise the book with a digital presentation for the smashing mag team. Click the link after the break to check it out! Here are some sample pictures from the presentation.

Smashing Magazine Book #2

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What Makes You Read a Newspaper?

The pictorial header stand out and the use of negative space in the article really catches the eye and draws the reader in.

So.. I’ve been thinking these past couple days about what really makes a good newspaper. We all know news is important, because that’s what newspapers are for. But as traditional media is outdated, how do you make newspapers stay relevant? And besides from this, since I’m currently attending college I want to appeal to college kids. Any ideas out there? What I have so far is:

  1. A new design. Information has to be eye pleasing to get the student to pick up the paper and read it. Designs are nice to have. Here are some examples i’d like to go off of.

    The pictures at the top really catch the eye and get the reader involved with the paper without too much work.The solid header is great at making the name of the paper stand out without being too distracting.

  2. A greater focus on student wants rather than a focusing more on a general population. City/town news already does this, give the college kids something different.

    Cater to this audience. Not old farts.

  3. Focus more on student groups. Let the campus know what is going on and how interesting it is. But do not do reviews on these events, as that does not increase student body involvement. Rather focus more on previewing these things to get people excited to see them.
  4. Also, interview more students. Get students wanting to be in the paper, as an honor or privilege.

    Student groups need lovin' too.

    So what else? What else can you do to get people excited to read their student newspaper? I want to know, so leave any comments to bring new ideas to the table.

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Mountain Dew White Out

Version 2

Version Two

Here’s a quick question for all you readers out there. In honor of the winning Mountain Dew flavor finally making it out in the wild and being sold in markets all over, I have made a poster. Since the winner was White Out, I wanted to make the poster as minimal and white as possible, while still getting the brand across. I have to versions, you tell me which one you like best.

First Version

Version One

So which is it? Which one do you prefer?

EDIT: I made one more that is less minimal and goes along more with the theme of the existing label to help strengthen the theme. What do you think? Which one?

White Out Poster

White Out Poster

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Hum Hallelujah

Here’s a poster i made for Fall Out Boy’s greatest hits collection. It’s kinda cliche in the design, but i like it. Fall Out Boy

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CFL Usage

We all know by now, use CFLs. but for those that don’t, which is the general public, here is a poster I made for you. A poster to inform you on how you affect the world, but just changing light bulbs. Easy right?

Bright Idea??

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