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New York HDR

Image 0200

So I recently went to New York and it was amazing. I saw a broadway show featuring the Beatles titled “RAIN.” Here are some of my pictures that I turned into HDR using photoshop.

Image 0202

Image 02022

Image 0201

Image 0197

Image 0194

Image 01902

Image 0190

Image 0189

Image 01892

Image 0188

Image 187

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TEDx: Amsterdam Trailer

TEDx events are those that are independently organized and are not associated with the orignal TED events. They are made by people who want to spread ideas, and are organized and orchestrated by those same people in cities all around the world. Here is a trailer for the TEDx: Amsterdam event that plays with the use of light and it’s associated in the western world with “an idea.”

Earlier this year, we asked Amsterdam-based creative production studio +1 to help us create the trailer for this year’s TEDxAmsterdam event.

We wanted to play with the notion of light as the western symbol ‘an idea’, and together we created a story which is about building, refining and unleashing your ideas. It is all set, of course, against the beautiful backdrop of the city of Amsterdam.

The climax takes place at this year’s venue, the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg.

Amsterdam and The Netherlands are synonymous with light; many of the famous 17th century Dutch painters (Rembrandt for instance, and later Vermeer in the 19th century) remarked on the ethereal quality of light in the Netherlands, and indeed it was this fact that brought many other painters to the country throughout the period.

Ideas are, of course, a central part of TEDxAmsterdam, as is the city itself, and Amsterdam has many ‘light-related’ destinations – including on the bikes for which the city is also known, and which play a central role in our story.

This year’s TEDxAmsterdam will be held in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. On the 30th November 2010, this grand city theater will provide a stage for the new ideas of bold thinkers and innovators in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, art, science and business. The common theme of the presentations will be “Science and Fiction”.


Agency: +1 (www.plusoneamsterdam.com)
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Assistant director: Cas Prins
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk, Cas Prins, Geert Jansen
D.O.P.: Ype Poortinga, Cas Prins
Cast: Cas, Geert, Marcel, Marjolein, Ype, Senayt, Sara
3D: Tim van der Wiel
Sound design: Kloaq
Special thanks: Schram Studios & Cam-Unit

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2 New Videos & Some Old Ones


I was surfin the wave we call the net. And came upon these two videos, and then decided to upload a bunch from Vimeo that I found throughout the years. The videos are beautiful, you’ll love them. But be sure to check out the authors pages!
STATIS by Christian Swegal

Nuit Blanche by Spy Films

World Builder by BranitVFX

And Then There Was Salsa by Frito Lays Chips

This one is definitely worth going to the actual vimeo site. It’s so immersive on the site that is insane. I can’t fathom how it’s done.

Magic Studios by Panic Embryo

Yankee Gal by Yankee Team

Vice Versa by Jacques Khouri

The Nature of Battle by Nat Dart

Well, there ya go. Best videos I’ve come across over the years.

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Starcraft II – Ready for a New Generation

Starcraft 2 comes out in just 1 day. After years of anticipation, there are a lot of questions ready to be answered. Is it ready to live up to the hype, let alone it’s older sibling. Is the battle.net update going to be a success? But for now, in this last day before the answers and millions of opinions come flooding in from all outlets of the internet, lets just glance at the eye candy that is Starcraft II.

That’s it for now guys, if you do happen to wait for the midnight release tonight, let me know and tell me what you think about the game. And to end this post, I’ll use a saying I learned while playing the original Starcraft online.
Good luck and Have Fun!

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