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New York HDR

Image 0200

So I recently went to New York and it was amazing. I saw a broadway show featuring the Beatles titled “RAIN.” Here are some of my pictures that I turned into HDR using photoshop.

Image 0202

Image 02022

Image 0201

Image 0197

Image 0194

Image 01902

Image 0190

Image 0189

Image 01892

Image 0188

Image 187

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Starcraft II – Ready for a New Generation

Starcraft 2 comes out in just 1 day. After years of anticipation, there are a lot of questions ready to be answered. Is it ready to live up to the hype, let alone it’s older sibling. Is the battle.net update going to be a success? But for now, in this last day before the answers and millions of opinions come flooding in from all outlets of the internet, lets just glance at the eye candy that is Starcraft II.

That’s it for now guys, if you do happen to wait for the midnight release tonight, let me know and tell me what you think about the game. And to end this post, I’ll use a saying I learned while playing the original Starcraft online.
Good luck and Have Fun!

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