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Showcase of Beautiful QR Codes

Recently I read an interesting article on Mashable on how to create beautiful qr codes and so I thought that I would compile a gallery of the most creative, best looking qr codes I could find. Here are those codes. (All codes can be scanned and will take you to their respective sites.

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Mountain Dew White Out

Version 2

Version Two

Here’s a quick question for all you readers out there. In honor of the winning Mountain Dew flavor finally making it out in the wild and being sold in markets all over, I have made a poster. Since the winner was White Out, I wanted to make the poster as minimal and white as possible, while still getting the brand across. I have to versions, you tell me which one you like best.

First Version

Version One

So which is it? Which one do you prefer?

EDIT: I made one more that is less minimal and goes along more with the theme of the existing label to help strengthen the theme. What do you think? Which one?

White Out Poster

White Out Poster

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Hum Hallelujah

Here’s a poster i made for Fall Out Boy’s greatest hits collection. It’s kinda cliche in the design, but i like it. Fall Out Boy

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CFL Usage

We all know by now, use CFLs. but for those that don’t, which is the general public, here is a poster I made for you. A poster to inform you on how you affect the world, but just changing light bulbs. Easy right?

Bright Idea??

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iPod For Sale!

Guess what!! My iPod is for sale! Any takers?? Anyone?? Well, anyways, here are two posters I made to put up on campus in hopes to catch someones attention and make a bit of money. It’s an 8 gig and 3rd generation, which I forgot to put on the poster. But here they are!

iPod Ad 1iPod Ad 2

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Concert Posters

As my concentration is music for my AP portfolio, I’ve been working on some band posters that I wanted to be really minimalistic. I’ve always loved typographic posters and I wanted to just use type in my posters instead of pictures of the bands off the internet. All these posters are made in Photoshop, with simplicity in mind.


Blue October

This is the first poster that inspired them all. I was up one night not being able to sleep when I knew I had to jot down this idea. The next day I made this and ever since I’ve been building off of it. I didn’t have minimalism in mind when I first made this poster, I just wanted to convey the desolate and loneliness of the band.



Eve 6

This is the second poster I made after I had so much fun making the first. The subtext “The Future Is Bleeding” is meant to be the tour that Eve 6 is on. I like the original idea of this poster more than the poster itself..



Concert for Timbaland

Out of all 6 of my posters I’ve made so far, this is my least favorite. I wanted to go with a childish look, but even though it came out looking like I wanted, I don’t like it..



Maroon Five

This is probably one of my favorite posters. I like that I didn’t include the name “Maroon 5” just a giant 5 and the “M” logo for the band so that the viewer has to infer what band it is.




This poster is easily my favorite out of them all. It’s so simple yet the colors represent the band fully.



The White Tie Affair

This poster is the final one so far, and I think that it won’t be the last. I really liked doing these and plan on doing more.

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Black Eyed Peas

So I went to a Black Eyed Peas concert about a month ago now, and it was probably one of the most memorable things in my life so far. They put on such a great show and every little thing was thought out. So here’s what this post is about.

First, pictures from their tour. Their tour is so exhilarating that I think that even these great pictures do not do the tour justice. If it’s not too late I recommend every single person see them and support the Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie in San Jose

Fergie in San Jose 2

Will.i.am in San Jose

Black Eyed Peas in San Jose

And second, a poster I made for my AP art portfolio, which is due May 7th. My concentration is advertising different music, and since the Black Eyed Peas are my favorite band since forever, I thought I’d pay them a little tribute. I’ve made them a whole CD case: booklet, cover, tray and more; but I’ve also made them a poster. Finished today, hot off the presses:

Black Eyed Peas

Tell me what you think.

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